Yummy Vegetarian and Vegan Recipes

Yummy Vegetarian Recipes provides delicious vegetarian and vegan recipes: dessert, main entree, breakfast, appetizer and drink recipes plus all sorts of cooking tips, animal friendly links and a vegetarian and vegan food glossary.
Try our tofu egg salad sandwich, fakin’ bacon, lettuce & tomato sandwich or our banana ginger shake. You will be delighted.

Vegan Foods are All Around You

Believe it or not, lots of foods are vegan and you might not even know it.  So, if you are phobic or freaked out by the word “vegan”, just think about this… lots of foods are vegan.  For example, Oreos are vegan.  A food being vegan doesn’t mean that something is necessarily added to the food that is “weird” but rather, something may not be in the food – for example dairy, eggs.